Do Goldfish Eat Snails?

Being an omnivore, goldfish try to eat almost everything they find. However, do goldfish eat snails? In fact, experts have contradictory opinions on the issue. For instance, one school of thought believes goldfish cannot break a snail’s shells. On the other hand, some experts say goldfish do not even want to eat snails.

So, do goldfish eat snails? Yes they can eat snails. However, goldfish usually eat snails as an alternative to their preferred food, such as flakes and pellets. Also, goldfish are more comfortable eating smaller snails. But goldfish cannot eat bigger snails until the snails are dead.

Now that you know your goldfish can eat snails, you may want to know more on the subject. For instance, what types of snails are safe for your goldfish? What size of snails do they prefer to eat? Thankfully, this article aims to resolve all your queries.

Why do goldfish avoid eating large snails?

Typically, goldfish avoid any food particles too big to fit into their mouth. Hence, large snails are usually safe from your goldfish. In fact, goldfish never bite off more than they can chew (no pun intended). However, your cute little oinker will definitely try to eat a dead snail, no matter how big it is. In that case, your goldfish will eat the body parts of a dead snail one by one. Importantly, snails are not the first choice of food for your goldfish. In fact, if your goldfish is full, it won’t even try to eat any snails.

Is it okay to keep snails with goldfish?

Goldfish owners like to make their aquarium look exotic and beautiful. Hence, they try to keep different types of species together. For instance, you may want to keep goldfish and snails together. However, you are not sure if it is able to keep them in the same tank, here’s something you need to know. In most cases, goldfish and snails can co-exist perfectly and peacefully. However, make sure the snails are bigger in size than your goldfish. Otherwise, goldfish may try to eat them.

What snails should you keep in your goldfish tank?

Ideally, snails in your goldfish tank should have two qualities. First of all, they should be large in size. Secondly, they should eat a lot of algae. That way, they will keep your tank clean. With that in mind, the two most suitable snails for your goldfish tank are Mystery and Nerite. Both of them have a good reputation for cleaning an aquarium by eating algae. Besides, your goldfish cannot even try to eat them, thanks to their big size. In addition, Nerite snails do not breed in freshwater. Apart from these two, you can choose to keep Ramshorn snails, Apple snails and Melantho snails. The only problem with Ramshorn snails is they breed a lot. So, keeping their population in check could be a challenge.

Do goldfish eat other goldfish or get aggressive?

Normally, goldfish are peaceful and docile by nature. For instance, they do not attack others until they feel scared or threatened. Consequently, a goldfish usually does not try to eat another goldfish. However, goldfish are voracious eaters. So, when they forage for foods, they don’t discriminate. In fact, if they find baby goldfish, they will eat them too. Sadly, goldfish do not have parental emotions. As a result, they may even eat their own eggs or babies.

As an aside, sometimes adult goldfish may even attack each other. For instance, a goldfish may nip the fins of another goldfish. Often, goldfish show such aggressive behaviors for a reason. For instance, if you keep too many fish in a small tank, some goldfish may get aggressive. In addition, poor water quality and a lack of food could result in aggressiveness in goldfish’s behavior.

Do goldfish eat guppies?

Typically, goldfish do not eat guppies. However, if your goldfish grows bigger than the guppies, they may attack them. So, it is not a good idea to keep them together. Also, experts cite several other reasons you shouldn’t pair them up. For instance, guppies and goldfish have different temperature needs. In addition, goldfish need different pH levels than guppies need. Also, goldfish eat everything they find, leaving little or no food for guppies. Evidently, it is almost impossible to make them co-exist peacefully.

Do goldfish eat minnows?

Again, goldfish can eat minnows if they outgrow the minnows. However, there are ways to keep them together. First of all, invest in a large tank. If the tank size is big, minnows get enough space to swim around and flee their predators. Secondly, add live plants to your aquarium. That way, you’ll give the minnows a place to hide. However, goldfish often nibble on live plants. So, consider buying inexpensive plants for your goldfish tank. Finally, give enough food to your fish. In fact, goldfish won’t attack minnows until they are hungry.

Do goldfish eat shrimps?

Actually, goldfish can eat shrimps. In most cases, goldfish will grow bigger than shrimps. As a result, they can easily eat shrimps. In fact, some shrimps are sold as fish foods. For instance, goldfish can eat ghost shrimps, brine shrimps, and red cherry shrimps. Interestingly, most shrimps breed very fast. However, goldfish will eat most of the shrimps. So, it is easy to control their population. In fact, one benefit of shrimps is they eat algae, which helps keep the tank clean. As a caveat, shrimps can bring parasite diseases to the tank. So, you should always quarantine any shrimps before introducing them to your tank. 

Do goldfish eat catfish?

Actually, it depends on the size of the catfish. Some species of goldfish grow longer than one foot. On the other hand, some catfish can grow two feet or longer. Thankfully, catfish are docile in nature. So, they won’t attack your goldfish. However, if a goldfish outgrows a catfish, the former can eat the latter. Hence, it is a good idea to keep the size almost the same. For instance, both fancy goldfish and Corydoras catfish are almost 4 inches long. So, you can confidently keep them together. As an aside, Corydoras catfish usually stay at the bottom of the tank. Typically, they’ll eat food particles at the bottom. That way, they help keep the tank clean.

Do goldfish eat danios?

First things first, danios come in different sizes. For instance, zebra danios are usually 2-inches long. In comparison, giant danios can grow longer than 4 inches. Typically, aquarists want to keep zebra danios with goldfish. Of course, their body stripes are a beautiful sight to behold. However, before you pair up goldfish and zebra danio, consider the size difference. Ideally, small, fancy goldfish up to 2 inches long make a good tank mate for zebra danios. In fact, bigger goldfish can eat smaller danios. Also, danios are fast swimmers. Hence, they often outcompete goldfish for food.

Do goldfish eat insects?

Being an omnivore, goldfish enjoy a variety of foods. In fact, they eat every type of vegetation, small crustaceans, and decaying plants. Also, they eat dead animal matter and insects, and their larvae. Interestingly, some pet parents feed goldfish with Daphnia, AKA water fleas. In fact, protein-rich Daphnia is good for baby goldfish. In addition, goldfish also consume mosquito larvae, tubifex worms and bloodworms. Plus, you can also give them chopped or whole earthworms.

Do goldfish eat koi?

Firstly, both koi and goldfish come from the Cyprinidae family. Also, both are voracious eaters. So, they can eat each other if and when possible. For instance, bigger, adult goldfish can eat young koi fry. Ideally, avoid keeping any koi fry younger than one month with adult goldfish. In fact, koi grow very fast and could be 2 inches long at one month’s age. So, keep your koi fry separate until they reach one month of age, if possible. Alternatively, add live plants to your tank. That way, you can give them a place to hide.

Do goldfish eat algae?

Actually, algae are plant-like organisms but without any stems, roots or leaves. Often, you’ll find brown and green algae in an aquarium. In fact, algae overgrowth can create problems in your aquarium. For instance, it could pollute the tank water and pose health risks to your goldfish. Thankfully, goldfish eat algae and help keep the tank clean. However, too much algae-eating could make your goldfish sick.

What vegetables can you feed your goldfish?

Typically, goldfish love to eat flakes and worms. However, you can give them occasional treats in the form of vegetables. For instance, your fishy pet would love to devour peeled peas. In addition, they eat spinach, lettuce, chard, and kale. However, if you want you can also give them boiled broccoli, diced corn, zucchini, carrots, and cucumber.

Can goldfish and bettas eat the same food?

Firstly, betta fish are carnivores. Hence, their food in the wild consists of about 70% protein. With that in mind, commercial betta foods usually contain about 50% protein. In comparison, goldfish are omnivores. Consequently, their diet should consist of almost equal quantities of proteins and vegetables. In fact, excessive protein intake could cause digestive problems in your goldfish. So, goldfish and bettas need different diet plans. Also, goldfish like to eat food at the bottom of the aquarium rather than on the surface. Hence, they won’t eat any betta food until it sinks. However, your goldfish can eat betta food once a week.

Can goldfish eat rice?

Actually, goldfish can and will try to eat anything that fits in their mouth. So, rice is no exception. In fact, some pet owners report their goldfish eat rice happily. However, the real question is if you should feed them rice. First of all, you should never give them uncooked rice. Secondly, cooked rice may work for them but not more than a few grains at once. Also, making rice a staple food for goldfish is never a good idea. In fact, rice is carbohydrate-rich food with high starch content. So, it takes longer to digest rice. However, goldfish do not have a stomach. Hence, feeding goldfish rice could cause digestive problems for them.

Can goldfish eat bread?

Often, pet owners would throw bread to their goldfish. Of course, your goldfish will eat them. However, this is never a good practice. In fact, bread can swell up inside the fish’s digestive tract. As a result, your fish could get constipation.

What are some best practices for feeding goldfish?

First of all, make sure you feed them at a fixed time every day. Even better, if you the same person feeds them every day. That way, your goldfish can easily associate that person with feeding. So, they will come to the surface when they see that person. Also, consider feeding your goldfish twice or thrice a day. Importantly, try to bring some variety to their diet. Also, always keep your goldfish tank water clean.