How to Feed Neon Tetra?

If you are considering keeping some neon tetra, one of the essential things you need to know is how you can feed them optimally. Feeding these beautiful aquarium fish may appear quite simple, however, there are rather strict steps involved. These steps include:

STEP 1: Placing the Recommended Food Material in the Aquarium

It would be best if you were careful when feeding neon tetra. A small amount of food should be put into the aquarium at a go; otherwise, it could lead to water contamination. It is advisable to feed them in the morning with varying food materials, such as flakes, bloodworms, brine shrimp and lettuce. This will give them enough options to choose from and make sure to balance out their diet.

STEP 2: Pour in the Food Materials Little by Little and Only Add when They are Done with the Ones in the Tank Already

There is the need to keep an eye on your pet fish as they continue to eat while you put in the food in batches. This is important so that everyone gets to eat. More so, as they are mid level to top-level fish, therefore they won’t be able to catch any food that sinks to the bottom of the aquarium. 

STEP 3: Feed Them Also at Night

It would be best if you recorded how much you fed them during the day to avoid overfeeding them before going to bed. Giving Neon Tetras food at night follows the same procedure as the day time.

How Frequently Should You Feed Your Neon Tetra?

You should feed them 2 to 3 times each day. It is advisable that you note down the amount of food they eat so that you can feed them with the same amount often. While in their natural habitat, these fish feed multiple times, and the best feeding process is to make them feel they are in that they are in the wild. 

What Amount of Food Would Neon Tetra Eat?

Neon tetras feed opportunistically on almost anything at anytime in their natural environment. However, in the aquarium, their consumption rate depends on you and what you feed them. An ideal amount of food would be between 2 and 3 times daily, make sure the feeding time at 3 to 5 minutes. If you feed your neon tetras in excess, it could end up causing discomfort or even death to them. Once you finish with the feeding, it is vital to clear the tank of excess food. This is to ensure you are maintaining a healthy environment for them.

What Can Make a Neon Tetra Get Fat?

These fish get fat for two main reasons, pregnancy or sickness. Once you notice any of them getting fat, you should get a test done on them. Failure to do this might cost you your fish’s life. 

How Do I Know If My Neon Tetra is About to Lay Eggs?

Whether your Neon Tetra will lay eggs depends on the sex. Is it a male or female? You need to find this out first. How to find out? The males have a slenderer appearance compared to the females meanwhile, there is a noticeable blue lining on the body of the female Neon Tetras.

As a sign, the male neon tetra will dance for the female when she’s most likely to lay eggs. Watch out for this, then observe the female closely. If the female appears puffed up in the lower part of her abdomen, then you’re sure she’ll lay eggs.

How Do I Know that My Neon Tetra is Sick?

Suppose your neon tetra begins to get excessively fat, it means that it is probably sick. On the other hand, this might not be the case considering a pregnant female Neon Tetra. The case can be quite complicating.

Body discoloration can be a symptom of the Neon Tetra disease, so, look out for this. Once you notice this, isolate them immediately. Once you separate the noticeably sick neon tetra, change your tank water and conduct a thorough cleansing while keeping the other fish in quarantine until you’re sure of their safety. The essence is to ensure that no other Neon Tetra has the disease.

Cyst formation on the body of female Neon Tetras can also result to the visible bloating.

What Food Materials to Feed Your Neon Tetra?

Knowing “how to feed your Neon Tetra” is important, however more important is knowing what you should feed them. Making sure they have a balanced diet can not be over-emphasized. However, as an integral food, make available always high-quality flake foods or pellets. Try to make their food interesting by introducing brine shrimp and daphnia occasionally. Those high protein food will enhance their immunity and color.

The following food materials are good for your Neon Tetras:

  • High-quality flake food
  • Brine shrimp
  • Daphnia
  • Freeze-dried blood worms
  • Live foods
  • Micro-pellet food
  • Worms
  • Vegetables

Important Neon Tetra Feeding Tips

Consider these things before you feed your neon tetras:

  • Your neon tetras should get to eat more than once each day.
  • Food materials that you put into the tank should be one that the tetras can consume in 2 minutes max.
  • Feed them small amounts in batches to check waste and retain the neatness of the tank.
  • After feeding your Neon Tetras, ensure to remove extra food remaining in the tank.
  • The quality of food you give to your Neon Tetras matter a lot as regards their health and nutrition.
  • Please make use of various food materials to ensure they have a balanced diet/nutrition thus, stay healthy.
  • Make sure that your aquarium filter that allows free flow of water without disruption.

Common Questions on How to Feed Your Neon Tetras

How Much Food is Advisable for My Tetras?

For a day, feed your neon tetras 2 to 4 times. Each time, feed them few flakes as they have small stomach. Remember that your neon tetras should finish the food that you put in their tank within 2 minutes. The main consequence of overfeeding your Neon Tetras is the contamination of the aquarium water which will be harmful to them. 

Can Neon Tetras Last Up to a Week without Food?

With a perfect tank condition, a neon tetra would survive without food for up to 3 weeks. However, you shouldn’t push them to their limits. Try to feed them often and daily so they can keep glowing, remain active, and healthy. 

Are Homemade Foods Ideal for Neon Tetras?

Of course! your neon tetras will happily eat homemade food like yolks, vegetables, etc. However, the nutrients needed for their growth and well-being must be optimally administered through the food they are fed with. 


If you read up to this point, we believe you now have answers to all your questions about feeding neon tetras and the amount to feed them to get the best out of your pet fish. 

Do not forget to put only a little food at a go. They should be able to finish whatever amount of food you put within 2 minutes, and you should feed them with variety to make sure they have a balanced diet.