White Oscar – A Complete Guide

White Oscar is one of the color variety of Oscar specie you may come across in a fish store. Curious about this unique Oscar?

White Oscars are a product of crossbreeding. They appear as a white glow all of their body, with deepened transparent pink patches.

White Oscars are fascinating insight. As some people refer to them as the “angel Oscar.” These articles contain detailed information about the traits, facts, care, and other things you need to know about white Oscars.


Many people confuse white Oscars with the albino Oscar. Generally, white Oscars appear to be white all through. The pink pigmentation in their body, blends so well, that you may not notice it quickly. However, white Oscar fish is a product of various crossbred. Whereas, they originate from breeding two different species from albino Oscar, tiger Oscar, or red Oscar. However, this crossbreeding produce differs pattern and color shade of white Oscar. Here is brief information about white Oscar.

Scientific Name: Astronotus ocellatus

Origin: South America

Color: White

Temperature; 75-82 degree Fahrenheit

PH: 6.0-8.0

Temperament: Non-Aggressive

Body Size (adult) – 9-15 inches

Diet: Pellet food, live worms, dried shrimp, peas, omnivorous diet, etc.

White Oscar Fish Size                                                      

It is no doubt that the diet provided for an Oscar fish determines the growth rate. Oscars vary in size, shape, and color. Although there are different types of Oscar, each has its unique trait. During the first growth phase for white Oscar, they often increase by 1 inch per month.

White Oscar Lifespan

If you want to raise white Oscars, you can be sure your fish will live for a long time. However, the care they receive, determines their longevity. Whereas, in most cases, they live up to 10-15 years if the owner cares for them properly.

White Oscar Behavior

White Oscars are peaceful specie that causes no trouble when kept in a community tank. Also, many aquarists love to keep them due to their high level of intelligence as they tend to interact well with their owners within a short period. Such as moving close to the tank surface, when they perceive their owner is near. Also, they wag their tail when they are served their favorite food. However, this behavior can help you to determine the type of food to serve them often, and which one to serve less.

You can be sure the tank condition is unpleasant for your fish when you observe your Oscar settling at the corner of the aquarium tank. Also, they like to rearrange their tank. Sometimes, they scatter decorations that you don’t place properly or uproot small plants. However, white Oscars tend to show slightly different behavior when in certain conditions. Such as;

  • A pregnant female Oscar staying away from other Oscars in the tank.
  • Male Oscars displaying its anal fin to attract its female choice.
  • Female Oscars being chased by male Oscars during mating.
  • Male Oscars are fighting each other for territorial space or over a female Oscar.

 Although, none of this attitude can cause serious harm to any of your fish. But you should watch well for an Oscar fish that may be more aggressive than the others. You can remove the more aggressive Oscar and place it in a smaller aquarium tank.

White Oscar Tank Size

As said earlier, Oscars are large fish that can grow up to 12 inches in length. So, their tank size is an essential factor you should consider.

For an adult white Oscar, you should place it in a tank size of at least 75 gallons. However, putting the fish in a bigger tank is better. Also, if you will be raising more than one fish in the same tank, make sure you increase the tank size. Usually, a 30-gallon size per any extra fish is suitable for a community tank.

The size of Oscar’s fish deceives many aquarists at birth. You forget that they grow at a swift pace. While Oscars tend to suffer when they are being kept in a small tank. Many people that are guilty of this are beginners. Oscars tend to outgrow their tank quickly. Nevertheless, observe your fish and note when there is a change in their body size. After seeing this, make sure you change the tank size to suit your fish body size.

Apart from the tank size, you should also consider its shape. As Oscars love to play at the bottom of an aquarium tank, placing them in a narrow tank may be difficult for them to turn freely. However, you should choose a tank shape that will allow your fish to move around without hitting the aquarium wall.

How to Set Up a White Oscar Fish Tank

Generally, caring for Oscars require no special treatment nor strict rule. However, there are some requirements you should bear in mind for success.

Setting Up the Filtration System of an Aquarium Tank  

We recommend you get a good filter, like canisters, for your Oscar tank. Usually, Oscar’s releases large bio loads into the tank as they are voracious eaters. They consume plenty of food, thereby releasing a large amount of waste. Moreover, a filter removes toxins that are harmful to your fish’s health. Also, cleaning an aquarium tank can be somewhat stressful, without using a filter.

Tank Decorations

As a beginner, it’s best to do proper research before decorating your fish tank. A lack of knowledge could frustrate a fish keepers. Whereas, all you need are necessary know-how. Sometimes, it can be a hard task. Oscars like to rearrange their tank. They are big enough to displace tiny objects and remove small plants. So, you should avoid packing too many decorations in your aquarium tank.

Moreover, you can mimic Oscar’s environment in the wild, and Amazon basin, by providing natural decorations. Too many rocks in the tank will take up your tank swimming space. Nevertheless, you should place a center rock in the tank.


Oscars don’t require too much light in their tank. Excess light can be disturbing. In turn, you are affecting their state of mind.  A standard aquarium light will illuminate adequate light in your fish tank. Also, LED light will make the task more appealing by displaying your Oscar fish color.

Moreover, white reflects well to light. So, adding a LED light is a plus to the natural beauty of your white Oscar. Also, avoid exposing your fish to direct sunlight. It could increase the humidity of your fish tank. Therefore, risking the life of your fish.

White Oscar Temperature

Oscars thrive best at a temperature of 75-82 degrees Fahrenheit. With an optimal temperature of 76-78 degrees Fahrenheit. It is based on their origin in natural adaptation. However, try to keep their temperature moderately, at this level. A higher temperature will likely deplete the water oxygen level. And a lower temperature will expose your Oscar to disease and infection.

White Oscar pH

Oscars are widely known as hardy fish. However, they can still survive in a pH level of 6.5-8.2. Whereas, the optimal pH level is 6.8-7.2.

White Oscar Tank Mates

Having established that white Oscars are very entertaining, and non-aggressive towards other cichlids. Although, it’s best to keep white Oscars with fish of similar personalities. However, some fish species are more compatible. Whereas, you should consider them first when selecting fish to raise in a community tank with white Oscar. They are;

Severum Cichlids

Severum cichlids are easygoing and docile, like Oscars. Unlike Oscars, they don’t reach far length. At a maximum, they grow up to 8 inches in body length. Also, you can keep them with other non-aggressive fish such as Plecos and silver dollars. Moreover, they require the same care as that of Oscar fish.

Firemouth Cichlid    

Firemouth cichlids are an excellent choice for Oscar’s tank mate. You can never go wrong with raising them with your white Oscar. Even with their small size, they are good at avoiding fights. Also, they hide well from predators. Whereas, in cases where a dispute arises with fire mouth and Oscar fish, you can trust that they are not involved in conflicts. Usually, they play the good guys in a community tank. And they are very skillful at running away. However, you need not worry about this. As long as you provide hiding spots in the tank, with the use of rocks or plants, they are safe. Also, they require the same tank temperature as Oscars.

Silver Dollar

Just like firemouth cichlids, silver dollars are small, reaching about 6 inches. Also, they are schooling fish that love staying in the same tank with three or more fishes. Moreover, their oblong shape makes them less appealing preys to Oscars. Also, they help alert your Oscar fish when in trouble or an emergency state as they love swimming to the tank surface. Whereas, Oscars love to play at the end of an aquarium tank.


Plecostomus are common fish that mostly feed on algae. You will likely come across various plecos, but the most compatible tank mates with Oscars are sailfin plecos. Generally, they are quite significant. Reaching up to 18 inches in length. So, you will need to provide a considerable tank for them. Therefore, you should keep them in a minimum of 125 gallons size. Also, a very large tank is important, because places possess spines that can harm your Oscar if there is no adequate space for them to move about freely. Moreover, plecos can help clean your aquarium tank.

Other Oscars Tank Mates are:

  • Black Convict Cichlid
  • Bichir 
  • Green Terror Cichlid
  • Jurupa Earth Eater
  • Blue Acara
  • Black Banded Leporinus
  • Chocolate Cichlids
  • Jack Dempsey Cichlid

White Oscar Food    

Oscars eat varieties of food types. You will find their food in many food stores. Also, you can purchase commercial food for them or prepare them manually. In the wild, they feed mostly on fruits, vegetation, and seeds. And when captured, you can serve them small invertebrates, insects, and crustaceans.

Moreover, make sure you add occasional treats to their diet. However, avoid getting tricked by your fish. As they can eat almost everything, you offer them. Make sure you don’t overfeed them as this tends only to increase the amount of waste in your aquarium tank. Only serve them when they have nothing left on their plate.

Juvenile Oscars need a protein-rich diet for rapid growth. So, you should add enough protein sources in young Oscar’s nutrition. Such as white worms. Moreover, as much as Oscars grow at a fast pace, their feeding pattern also contributes to this. For a start, you should feed your juvenile Oscar a small amount of food 2-3 times daily. This is better than feeding them a large meal at once. When Oscars reach 7-9 inches in length, you should relate with them as adults. Then, you should reduce their size and frequency of feeding. Adult Oscars don’t have trouble with one meal per day. However, you should watch the size of your Oscar. If you notice your Oscar is adding too much weight, you should reduce the ratio of food containing fat you feed them. It’s best to prevent your fish from getting obsessed.

Also, your fish must meet its nutritional needs. So, make sure you serve them a high-quality pellet. However, you can supplement these pellets with other food sources like fresh, fresh, dried food, and live feed.

Quality foods you can serve your Oscar include;

  • Live mealworms
  • Peas
  • Freeze-dried shrimp
  • Fresh Clams
  • Live earthworms
  • Fresh shrimp
  • Fresh scallops
  • Live snails
  • Small bananas

White Oscar Breeding

Sometimes, Oscars breed without forcing them. Whereas, many aquarists are selective about their Oscars breeding pair. Hence, the result of white Oscar fish. However, there are some things every fish keeper should know inbreeding Oscar fish. This include, sexing Oscars, breading signs, and their mating habit.

How to Differentiate White Oscars Sexes

White Oscars are very hard to differentiate due to their unique color. Hardly can you tell the difference between males and females? Although there are significant similarities, they have some different traits. Firstly, male Oscars are often larger than female Oscars. The genital papillae, suited at Oscar’s anal opening, is broad and blunt in female Oscars, while the males have an exceptional edge.

Mating Habits

Naturally, Oscars mate when they are sexually mature. However, you can induce this by changing the tank water regularly, and providing a ceramic surface where the females can lay eggs. Here are some mating habits white Oscar fish displays;

  • They change their swimming pattern.
  • Oscars exhibit some off behaviors such as chasing around and slapping tails.
  • Another thing they do is nipping at each other’s fin.
  • Also, they pick up sands with the mouth and drop it off in another area in the tank.
  • You will notice a separate clean surface in the tank. Oscars often prepare this, to lay their eggs.

How to Breed White Oscars

If you are looking forward to your white Oscar breeding early as you purchase it, make sure you buy fish that have bred before. Also, make sure you don’t get pranked. You can ask for proof of their past breeding process. White Oscars that have reproduced before will naturally breed every month. However, we recommend you choose mating pairs of at least two years old.  However, you can purchase juvenile white Oscars and allow them to grow until they are old enough to select their partners, although this will likely take more time. So it requires patience.

You should provide ample space for breeding pairs. We recommend a tank size of at least 100 gallons. Also, serving your Oscars divers’ diet can help hasten the breeding process.

White Oscar Facts

  • Just like other Oscars, white Oscars grow at a rapid rate. They reach up to 1 inch in length per month.
  • White Oscars are very peaceful species that are compatible with other cichlids.
  • They are products of crossbreeding.
  • White Oscars are highly intelligent than average aquarium fishes. For example, they display their tail when they see a favorite food.
  • Many fish keepers love to keep Oscars because of their exciting personalities.
  • White Oscars are beautiful fish. Their presence adds beauty to an aquarium store.

White Oscar FAQs

Here are frequently asked questions about white Oscars.

Do White Oscars Lay Eggs?

Just like many other Oscars, white Oscars also lay eggs. Since Oscars release up to 1000 eggs within a few days, you should be expecting to keep many Oscars babies. Therefore, make proper provision for them. Female Oscars lays eggs within 2-3 days of mating. However, Oscar eggs hardly survive in the wild as their eggs are often destroyed before reaching maturity.

Do White Oscars Have Teeth?

Yes. White Oscars have teeth positioned at the back of their mouths. Not only do they have a set of teeth arranged in the jaws, but they also have teeth in their throat, which is known as pharyngeal teeth.  However, they use their jaw teeth to only grasp objects and the pharyngeal teeth for capturing and manipulating prey.


White Oscars are fantastic and easy to keep. However, there is a need for proper research for effective upbringing. Hopefully, this article will guide you in keeping and nurturing your white Oscar.