Can Neon Tetra Eat Betta Food?

You might have seen a school of neon tetra swimming in the same tank with bettas. This will make you begin to wonder how they survive, you ever wonder “can neon tetras eat betta food?”, well, you’re not alone.

So, can neon tetra eat betta food? The simple answer is Yes, they can. Neon tetras can eat some of the betta food but betta cannot eat all neon tetra foods. Neon tetras are omnivores while bettas are carnivores. You could feed neon tetras with high-quality fish flakes and high-quality betta pellets are suitable for bettas.

However, it is pertinent to note that while your neon tetras can eat betta food, it doesn’t entirely mean that they are best of friends or the best tank mates. You would have heard that neon tetras are peaceful they could nip the fins of bettas while bettas are aggressive.

Can Guppies Eat Betta Food?

Before owning a fish tank, it is always very good that you know if the fish you intend to keep together are compatible or for those who plan to keep just a kind of fish, know how to help them survive.

Guppies are voracious eaters; they could eat almost anything. Ultimately, they are omnivores and that implies they can also eat some of the betta foods like pellets, flakes. It is, however, not advisable to feed them with more betta foods.

In a tank containing both fish, you should feed your guppies first before you begin to feed your betta. You could use pipette or pincettes so that guppies do not steal away your betta food.

The eating nature of guppies could almost discourage you from having them in your tank especially with bettas, if not watched, they could leave your betta malnourished.

Can Goldfish Eat Betta Food?

Yes, goldfishes can eat betta food. I guess you are wondering now why is it that these fishes can eat betta food but then it is the opposite for bettas to eat most of their foods.

Well, it is because bettas widely known as the Siamese fighting fish are carnivores which means they eat insects and insects’ larvae. Anyways, like cats and dogs, they can be overfed leading to death. Check Source

Goldfish eat betta food, too much of it can however cause them sicknesses; it is okay to give goldfishes betta food occasionally maybe once a week or less.

Feeding is essential for every living thing, goldfishes inclusive and the right kinds of the meal increases the health of a fish.

For goldfishes that are opportunistic feeders, just throw the right kinds of food into their tanks else you risk death by overfeeding for your goldfish or by other goldfish diseases.

What Food Can You Feed Both Guppies and Bettas?

Seeking the best tank mates, you plan to own a fish tank and you think of the best tank mates considering the aspect of feeding and then you wonder “what food can you feed both guppies and bettas?”

First, shouldn’t we be considering if guppies can stay in the same fish tank with bettas? Well, this is a tricky one if you don’t have the right knowledge about breeding these fish together. Although, it is achievable if you meet the right tank conditions.

Guppies are omnivores. So, they will eat anything you offer them even betta food, yeah, you guessed right. Both guppies and bettas are fond of meat.

Even as guppies eat betta food, you shouldn’t feed them that as their main course but as supplements. They do require minerals and vitamins for healthy living.

These fishes would both eat betta pellets, frozen or live foods like small shrimp or bloodworms, and mosquito larvae. See

Do Betta Fish Eat Ants?

You are probably thinking of a way to save cost and still feed your betta fish well. Do you ever wonder if it’s okay to feed ants to your betta fish, would they eat ants? The simple answer is, Yes, they would eat ants.

They are carnivores which simply implies that bettas require foods that are rich in protein. In their natural habitat, this is what they feed on too – small crustaceans, insects, and their larvae, worms, and tiny fishes.

Bettas can be fed with almost any insect so far. They are not poisonous or sprayed with chemicals. Ants and houseflies are bettas’ favorite.

If you are fortunate to find an ant nest, you could scoop the eggs that are still packed with nutrients and feed them to your betta fishes.

Now, this is why beginner fish tank owners go for bettas; they are opportunistic feeders and are cheap to feed.

Can Barbs Eat Betta Food?

Other fishes can eat betta food but it shouldn’t be substituted for their main kinds of food, it could lack some of the other nutrients they need for surviving and that is just going to be disastrous.

Tiger and cherry barbs would eat any fish food even if it is made for bettas, they need to be fed the amount they can finish within two minutes

Most barbs by nature are omnivores which means they can eat anything including color flakes, shrimp pellets, tropical granules even frozen and live foods. It is best if their diet is being rotated.

Overfeeding is also harmful to barbs, so tank owners need to be mindful of what they feed their barbs and when they feed them too. See details

Anyways, tiger barbs and bettas have similar suitable water conditions but they aren’t good tank mates because of their aggressiveness.

Can Angelfish Eat Betta Food?

First, let us consider what an angelfish is; angelfish, any of various unrelated fishes of the order Perciforms. The angelfishes, or scalars, popular in home aquariums are members of the genus Pterophyllum and the cichlid (q.v) family.

Angelfish can eat betta food; they also eat frozen or dried bloodworms, cichlids flake, and protein-rich pellets.

These fish species are carnivorous fishes that prefer a mix of meat and vegetation in their diet. They are also hunters who would like some live foods, so they don’t totally lose their hunter instincts.

Like they say “variety is the spice of life”, giving them different food every day gives them a well-rounded diet and causes for healthier living.

Fun fact, angelfishes are not “angels” when it is food-related, they are aggressive eaters that would stay atop the fish tank when it’s feeding time so they eat up as much food.

How Much Do Neon Tetra Eat?

It cannot be overemphasized that accurate feeding habits for fishes in your tank are necessary; wrong knowledge about their feeding habits would cause underfeeding, overfeeding, or malnourishment.

In their natural habitat, neon tetras eat so much food as they are opportunistic feeders but whilst in your tank, they eat depending on how much you feed them. The suitable feeding should be two to four times a day little by little.

It is okay to feed your neon tetra fishes every day because they are active and have high energy requirements like swimming around.

Adult neon tetras and the young ones do not eat the same amount of food; the young should be fed as much as they can finish in two minutes twice a day but as they mature it should be reduced to once a day, still following the two-minute guidance.

Well-fed fishes are the healthiest and happiest.

Last Thoughts

Intriguing facts for hobbyists and fish tank owners that wonder “can neon tetra eat betta food?”, “Can Guppies Eat Betta Food?”, “Can Goldfish Eat Betta Food?”, “What Food Can You Feed Both Guppies and Bettas?”, “Do Betta Fish Eat Ants?” and other related questions.

In the end, we got to know that neon tetras can eat betta food. It should however be noted that the fact that they can eat beta food doesn’t mean it should be substituted for their main food as betta food doesn’t have all the nutrients they need.

For a hobbyist, it seems like most aquarium fishes eat the betta foods but then bettas would not eat theirs. So, this article clears the air for those fish tank owners that want to know which fishes can eat their betta food and those that cannot.