How Often to Feed Mollies?

Ever wonder how often you need to feed your molly fish? Not only is it important to know the type of foods that are suitable for molly fish, but it is also expedient you know how often to feed them.

So, How Often to Feed Mollies? Although mollies are voracious eaters, such that, they can eat in 5 minutes’ intervals. However, they won’t mind eating twice a day. As a lot of people feed their molly fish once or twice daily.

Many people think taking care of molly fish, deals with just providing them with flakes. Meanwhile, serving mollies with adequate diets goes beyond that.

Basics Things You Should Know About Mollies Foods

Feeding mollies is not as complicated as some people have described it to be. Moreover, with these basics, even a beginner can feed mollies successfully. Molly fish physical fitness is a definition of what goes into their body system. I.e. the quality of foods they eat. Moreover, feeding molly fish badly can be as severe as causing them to be sick, or death in extreme cases.

Also, wild mollies feed mostly on plant matter, algae, and small invertebrates. They are mainly omnivores. However, if you are keeping them in your home aquarium, make sure you feed them variety of foods like flakes, or various types of vegetables. Moreover, mollies favorite vegetables include zucchini medallions, cucumber medallions, and shelled peas.

However, if you don’t want to go through the stress of cutting or blanching vegetables, you can supplement it with spirulina based flake or pellet. Although most mollies are vegetarians, you can still add some protein-rich food to their diet.

Moreover, mollies have small mouth, and they tend to chew on anything you offer them. Also, they are voracious like other livebearers, as they will do almost anything for food. Regardless of how frequent you free them, they will continue eating unless you decide to stop.

Moreover, when going to get their foods from a store, ensure you look for the “freshwater label”. Also, you should feed them little per time, rather than giving them the whole food at once. You can include frozen mosquito larvae or frozen krill to their diet.

How Often Do I Feed My Molly Fish?

As said earlier, mollies can continue eating as long as you don’t stop feeding them. However, there comes a point where they almost reach satiety. But it still doesn’t stop them from picking on the foods. At this point, you will see them splitting the food, which shows they have had too much to eat.

However, you can prevent this by feeding them less. Moreover, the crumbles create a mess, and it settles at the bottom of the aquarium tank. Also, make sure you crush the food you are serving them into small bits so that they can chew on it easily.

Generally, feeding you fish twice in a day is moderate. As much as they eat almost every time, they won’t mind if you only feed them once or twice.

Guides to Molly Fish Diet in The Wild, And Aquarium

Basic foods in an aquarium

  • A wide variety of vitamin-rich flake food, which promotes color, strong immune system, and growth.
  • Slow-sinking vegetable and protein pellets.
  • Fast-sinking vegetable and protein pellets – This enables them to browse for their foods.


  • Frozen blood worms and black worms
  • Daphnia
  • Brine shrimp
  • Algae pills
  • Tubifex dried cube
  • Peeled, crashed, and mashed pea bits
  • Zucchini or cucumber slice with protein pellets
  • Spinach

Molly food in the wild

  • Small insects
  • Larvae
  • Plants
  • Algae (this will keep the fish tank clean)

Points to Consider in Feeding Molly Fish

  • As a beginner, you must understand the temperament and nature of your mollies before feeding them.
  • Although mistakes are inevitable, you should try as much as possible to avoid costly mistakes. However, molly fish are really sensitive, and a little mistake can harm them.
  • Feeding Mollies is quite an easy job, as they are not picky eaters. Especially with algae, as they love Algae. Also, ensure to supply them enough of this. Moreover, it will also help clean your aquarium tank.
  • Note that, mollies are omnivores. So, their basic meals are algae, plants, and invertebrates.
  • Although mollies are vegetarian, you can add some protein-based food to their diet. Moreover, this will help promote their growth.
  • Mollies have small teeth to chew on almost any food. So, make sure you crush their foods before serving it. Also, their diets should be of high quality.
  • The amount of food for your mollies isn’t specific, and general. As the amount is also dependent on the number of mollies in your aquarium tank. However, you can feed 5-7 mollies with a pinch of crushed flakes twice a day.
  • For a home aquarium, ensure you give them a mixture of fast and slow sinking food. As this will make them stay active by searching for their foods.
  • In most cases, mollies love feeding on green foods and vitamin-rich diets. Such as peas, spinach, cucumber, and flakes.
  • Mollies can also eat Daphnia, Meaty Food, Protein Pellets, Freeze-Dried Glass Worms, Black worms, Bloodworms, Algae, Zucchini, Brine Shrimps, Lettuce, Boiled and Fresh Vegetables, Plants and Some Small-Sized Insects.
  • Finally, they can survive without food for a couple of days. As long as they have enough plants in their aquarium tank.

Related Questions

Most readers may seem to inquire about answers to some questions that are related to feeding molly fish. Therefore, here are answers some frequently asked questions.

How Much Food Does My Molly Needs to Satisfy Appetite?

As much as it is recommended to feed your fish little quantity at a time, ensure the little time, you also get to feed them quality food. Moreover, this is better than overeating. Usually, you can estimate the size of food your mollies require by checking their eyeball.

Generally, the size of the molly’s stomach is the same as that of their eyeball. However, you will know their appetite is satisfied when they start spitting out foods. Although, this create waste in the aquarium tank. However, this is usually not easy to clean.

When Do I Feed My Molly Fish?

Well, mollies are usually active, and they are willing to eat all the time. In most cases, they eat within 5 minutes’ interval. So, there is no specific timing as regards when to feed your molly fish.

Moreover, you can feed them anytime you want. But, ensure you are feeding them the right quality and quantity. Also, you should make sure you are feeding them fresh foods.

However, feeding them twice in a day is okay. But, if you are too busy, and might not necessarily have time for them, feeding them once daily is also good.


One of the major things to bear in mind when feeding molly fish is not to rush into serving them. Moreover, the main goal of feeding is to make sure they are healthy and balanced.

However, feeding them too frequently does not necessarily influence this positively. What does it, is the quality of food you offer them.

In addition, make sure you separate young mollies from adults. As adult mollies do not hesitate to eat their fry. Hopefully, this article will help you with how often you need to feed your fish, likewise the type of foods your fish needs.